Space Power Supplies

Your choice in power technologies and packaging...

Aerospace units from space heritage designs offering realistic development costs and lead times...

Modular Devices, Inc. (MDI) designs and manufactures many types of power supplies and DC–DC converters for space application. Our products have been used in applications such as the Space Station, Space Shuttle, and numerous satellites. MDI is organized to handle space level quality assurance requirements, materials control, documentation, and testing. MDI space power supplies offer these advantages:

  • Designs drawn from space heritage units
  • Wide selection of input voltage ranges to match spacecraft busses
  • Complete choice of packaging technology (full hybrid, assemblies of hybrids) allows best choice for the application
  • Designs are well characterized for radiation effects
  • MDI's program management organization accommodates space level work statements
  • Extensive on–site pre–qual testing is time and cost effective
  • Patented 100K+® technology.

Full Hybrid Power Supplies using thick film, chip and wire/surface mount components within hermetic hybrid enclosures allows ultimate power density. Careful computer aided thermal analysis and proven thermal management techniques assure high reliability. MDI's hybrid power supply technology incorporates the latest advances in high frequency techniques, power hybrid and miniature components. MDI's product capacity includes:

  • Standard, off the shelf DC to DC converters to 80 watts, bus voltage to 120 VDC.
  • Custom variations of standard DC to DC converters to 120 watts
  • Sequenced converters for RF applications
  • Design and construction to aerospace requirements
  • Wide temperature range

Hybrid Assemblies are multiple full hybrid converters packaged in combination with discrete peripheral components. Advantages of this construction include:

  • Low non-recurring costs
  • Short lead time
  • Ability to sequence outputs
  • Output flexibility
  • VME and other enclosures

100K+® Functional blocks use MDI's patented technology to produce many related power functions such as buck/boost regulators, solid state power switches, inrush limiter modules, ect. without the high cost and long delivery constraints of other suppliers.