Power Supplies for Nuclear Instrumentation

Physics Power Electronics

Instrumentation for High Energy Physics (HEP), such as the LHC at CERN, often generates high levels of incidental radiation, including gammas, protons, neutrons and heavy ions. Instrumentation located in proximity to nuclear power reactors may also be subject to high radiation levels.

When instrumentation must be placed in close proximity to this radiation, conventional power electronic circuitry may fail prematurely.

MDI has developed power electronic circuitry (covered by numerous patents and trade secrets) that rely on proprietary circuit techniques and component selection to implement equipment that would otherwise require space grade radiation hardened devices.

MDI's technology allows power electronic functions to be implemented at a much lower cost than units incorporating specifically radiation hardened components.

MDI's product range includes the following functions:

  • 53472 DC-DC converter modules, up to 250 watts. TID up to 30 kRads.
  • 53630 DC-DC converter modules, up to 250 watts. TID up to 200 kRads.
  • Solid state relays, up to 200 kRads TID.
  • Motor Drives, up to 200 kRads TID.
  • Assemblies of MDI modules, up to 10 kW.

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